1. From the Left menu tree select Measure Calculation menu under EMR.

2. In order to record the Menu Objective# 4 – Image Results in the Measure Calculation Report.

3. Select the Patient EMR page.

4. Select the Doc. Mgmt tab and upload image results under the doc. type “IMAGE_RESULTS”.


5. The total count of images uploaded under doc. type IMAGE_RESULTS is recorded under the denominator section of this criterion.


6. And in the Numerator, its recording the number of images uploaded that are mapped to the patient chart.

7. In order to map an uploaded image result with a chart go to the patient EMR chart.


8. Select the level 1 component Patient Diagram 1 with level 1 code as “PATIENT_IMAGING”.


9. From the popup page, select the an image from the uploaded list to map with the patient EMR chart.

10. Can edit / interpret on the mapped image using the available menus on the popup page. And save the image after edit.

11. To map an another image to the EMR chart choose another level 1 Patient Diagram 2 with the same level 1 code “PATIENT_IMAGING”.