1. To view the Patient Examination Summary, click on Reports and choose Patient Examination Summary, the Patient Examination Summary Report screen will appear.



2. In the Appt. Start Date box, enter the date from which you want details of Examination Summary. Similarly in the End Date box, enter the date up to which details of Examination Summary should be displayed.

3. Click in the Legal Entity box and choose the required legal entity from the list.

4. In the Provider Name box Choose the Providers for whom the Patient Examination Summary should be displayed.

5. To view appointments from any particular source, click in the Appt Source box and choose either ALL/WEB/PHONE/EMAIL or WALK IN

6. To view details of patients with any particular Appointment Type, click in the box and choose either APPOINTMENT/BREAK/VACATION/HOLIDAY/NEW PATIENT/CONSULTATION/FOLLOW UP/PREVIOUS VISIT/PATIENT NEW VISIT or HOUSE CALLS; else select ALL.

7. To view details of patients with any particular appointment status, click in the Status box and choose either of the status WAITLIST/CONFIRMED/CHECKED IN/CHECKED OUT or HOSPITAL CARE in the Status box; else select ALL.

8. To view details of appointments status Canceled status and Hospital Care status, click in the Include canceled and Include Hospital Care box to include them.

9. After entering all the necessary parameters, click the Search button. The details of all the Missed/Canceled Appointments will be displayed below.

10. Click the pdf_icon button to print this report.

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