To search for the appointment date for a patient, navigate to the Scheduler module from the left side menu.

Click on the  button on the top right of the Scheduler screen and select Search Appointment from the menu.

In the page that appears, type the Last Name or First Name of the patient.

To search for appointments between any specific dates, enter the date from which you want details of the Appointments in the Start Date box. Similarly in the End Date box, enter the date up to which Appointments should be displayed.

The Legal Entity will be selected by default but it can be changed if required.

To search for appointments for any specific provider, choose a Provider from the list.

Click in the Schedule Status box and choose the Confirmed option to view Appointments with the status as Confirmed only. If you do not select a particular Schedule Status, appointments with all the other Schedule Status i.e., Missed, Checked In, Checked Out, Hospital Care and Canceled will also be displayed.

After entering all the necessary parameters, click on the Search button. The details of all the Appointments for the patient will be displayed in the list below.

Click on the appointment in the list to open the corresponding Patient Information page as shown below.