Scheduler permits color coding of appointments by appointment status and by appointment type. Each practice can choose either of them according to their convenience. This article explains how to personalize schedule colors based on appointment status/type.

In order to personalize schedule colors, first choose between appointment status/type and then choose the colors. The following steps explain this.

1. Firstly, select appointment status or appointment type from the scheduler option screen as shown in Image 1. Check the box ‘Apply Color Code Settings to All LE’ if the color code is to be set for all the legal entities.

Image 1

2. The second step would be to personalize colors. The different color codes and the corresponding statuses/types can be found at Legend provided at the top of the scheduler screen. Succeeding lines specify the way in which the schedule colors can be personalized according to appointment status / appointment types though the Images shown pertain to color coding based on appointment status.

2.1. Select the Scheduler module from the main menu to open up the Appointment Scheduler. Image 2 is a sample appointment screen where the color coding is based on scheduler status.

Image 2

2.2. Click on the icon (highlighted in image 1) to open the Legend pop up. Image 3 shows a sample legend based on appointment status.

Image 3

2.3. Click on the icon to open up the configuration screen. A sample Configuret Appointment Status screen is shown in Image 4.

Image 4

2.4. Click on corresponding to he appointment status/type for which the color needs to be changed.

Image 5

2.5. Click on Pick to change the color of the status/Type. The Status/Type can also be edited from this window.

Image 6

2.6. On the proceeding Select Color window that pops up, click on the desired color and close the color screen.

2.7. Click on Update to save the changes.