The Schedule Type drop down in the Schedule screen and the corresponding Duration can be personalized in the system. This means that more schedule types can be added to the drop-down. The corresponding duration can also be set so that Duration gets automatically populated on selecting the Schedule type. To personalize Schedule Type drop-down in the Schedule screen, follow the steps below.

From the main menu, select Advanced Setup and then click on All Lookups.

To view the list of all Schedule Type, select SCHEDULED_TYPE from the list shown under Common Lookup Types on the left of the screen.

To add a new Schedule Type, click on the  button.

Enter a Value and Value Description.

Enter a Code for the Schedule Type. Choose a code according to your convenience. This field is not editable once created.

Select Duration for the appointment, if required.

Click on the checkbox to make a Schedule Type Editable. Click on the checkbox to make a Schedule Type Active.

Click on Update after entering all the required information.