Expand the Payments menu and click on Enter/Edit Payments.

On the Enter/Edit Payment screen that follows, you can search for the existing payments using the available search parameters. To list all patient payments, select the Payer Entity as “Patient”, leave the Payer Name field blank, select a date range and then click on search. To list the payments for a specific patient, select Payer Entity as Patient, enter the patient’s name on the Payer name field as shown in the below image.

To edit the Payment click on the “Edit” option to the far right and to post the payment click on the Apply button.

Clicking the “Apply” button will open up the Payment Posting window as shown below.

Now click on the Search button to the far right to list out all the charges with patient responsibility for the selected patient. You may use the claim# or the DOS From and To field to narrow down the search.

Enter the Paid Amount and the Adjustments in the corresponding fields and then select Next Action (next responsible party in case any balance amount exists).
If a balance remains, choose the “Next Action” to leave the balance to Patient (Bill to PT) or close the line by adjusting off the remaining balance.

Hit on the ‘Post’ button to complete posting of the payment.