PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 17.8.3

Product Release Date: July 2016

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Part 1 : New Features


  • E&M Bell Curve
    This new report is added under the Dashboard Section. It is a graphical representation of procedure codes and its percentage of use based on Medicare values. Search parameters like Specialty, Legal Entity, Provider, Type of Service, Date of Service etc are provided. This report is available as add-on for Enterprise customers.
    Bell curve

Part 2 : Enhancements

  Collection Manager

  1. Added “A/R Method” filter in Collection Manager and Collection Work list Report. The filter includes three options Web, Calling and VOB. 
    Collection Manager 1
    Collection Manager 2                                  
    Users have the ability to default “A/R Method” of a payer in Insurance Company Master page.
    Insurance co
  1. Added Insurance Id #, Rendering Provider NPI and POS in Collection Manager Excel format.


  1. “Next Appointment Date” is added in charting page.
    Next appt
  1. A checkbox is provided in EMR options to map diagnosis D1, D2, D3 and D4 by default when generating super-bill from EHR.


  1. Added additional configuration to setup super-bill header under super-bill setup screen.

  Appointment Scheduler

  1. Added Notes, Entered By, Entered date and time, Last Processed by, Last processed Date & time fields in Schedule Hx page. 
    Appt Scheduler 


  1. ERA Matching logic upgrade.
    We have found that for certain ERA’s the claim# returned doesn’t match with the claim# in system. The matching logic is enhanced to match such claims with patient last name, first name and member# and Date of Service.


  1. A new validations is provided to show non-billable ICD-10 codes in red.
             Enter Charges                  
  1. When creating case of a minor patient, the system validates if a active guarantor is added in patient master.
  2. The line Activity under Charge Master now displays full insurance name against each claim#.
  3. Ability to search by Group code is provided in the Encounter Procedure search page.
     Encounter Proc

  Payment Posting

  1. The system now disallows changing of accounting date in payment posting.

  Group Login

  1. As part of our UI module upgrades, we have come up with an improved Group User Home Page.


  • C2 : Generate Patient statement
    Added Primary and Secondary insurance name in the PDF view. The listing of DOS and Line number is sorted in ascending order.
  • A7 : Appointment – End of Day Reconciliation Sheet Report
    Added ‘User’ field is in this report.
  • C10 : Generate Patients In Collections List
    Added Patient Address, City, State and Zip in “Generate Patients In Collections List” report.
  • D2 : Detailed – Insurance Aging Report
    Added the field “Last follow-up date” in Detailed Insurance Aging Report.
  • C3 : Patient Statement Summary Report
    Added Phone#, Statement# to the report. The listing order is changed to generated date & time.
  • I18 : Credit Card Transaction Report
    Added “Gateway Transaction ID” and “Gateway Transaction Message” to the report.