PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 17.9.0

Product Release Date: August 2016

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Printed August 2016 at 37600 Central Court, Suite #260, Newark, CA 94560

Part 1: New Features


As part of our new User Interface (UI) module upgrades,  PracticeSuite introduces a new Theme “Flat UI” that includes dashboard and widgets.

   Key features

  • The new UI has Flat icons which are easy on eyes and fits well on all the browsers and devices.
  • The theme strikes a balance between desktop sizing and tablet sizing and its responsive design makes it compatible across different screen resolutions.
  • Once the user logs in, the dashboard with preferred widget settings will be available by default.
  • The widgets provide both graphical as well as text based reports based on user roles. Currently the following 9 widgets are available.
    Widget Settings
    In future releases we will be adding more useful widgets.
  • Dashboard is completely user configurable. Users can change the order of widgets and activate/inactivate widgets using the settings icon provided at the top.
    settings icon
  • Tap more menu “More” at the top of the screen to launch quick help, chat and preferences option.
  • Users can switch to older Netpune or Classic view by selecting relevant Theme from the preferences tab.
    Theme Switch

Part 2 : Enhancements


  • C2 : Generate Patient statement
    Added “Total Patient Outstanding” amount in CSV as the last column.
  • I5 : On Account Payment Report
    Added MR# and Pay Method in this report.
  • Insurance aging reports like “D1. Summary – Insurance Aging Report, D2.Detailed – Insurance Aging Report and D3.Summary – Patient/Guarantor Balance and Aging Report” are sorted based on payer.
  • D2 : Detailed – Insurance Aging Report
    Modified the report to show “Aging Summary” and “A/R Aging Bucket” in tabs.
  • B2 : Superbill Tally Report
    Made the report parameters Appt. Status and Superbill Status as multi selection box.