PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 17.9.3

Product Release Date: October 2016

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Part 1: New Features/Enhancements

  1. Quick link to create Break/off Time from scheduler page.
    Added a new feature in scheduler to add Break/Off-Time quickly.
    A right click menu is provided where users can set the start time and end time to define break/off time.
    The provider break/off time will be displayed in both Day and Week view.
  2. Auto-eligibility Verification.
    For the users with Batch Eligibility option enabled can automate eligibility verification in advance. The advance days can be set in practice option screen.
  3. Enhancements in RCM Group Login.
    • Universal patient search option is provided in RCM Group login page to lookup patient from multiple accounts. Search parameters like Last name, First name, Middle name, MR#, Patient Ins.#, Claim#, Patient statement# are provided.
    • Collection Manager is now available in group login dashboard.
  4. Following two new reports are added under report central.
    • C14: Overdue Preventive Care / Well Visit List Report.
      This report lists Preventive Care/Well Visit patients based on the procedure codes provided in the search criteria.
    • K4 : Lab Order / Result Detailed report.
      The report prints summary and detailed version of Lab orders placed from EHR and Inbound Lab Results triggered from various lab Interfaces.
  5. Collections Manager.
    Added an option to list all open lines. Line Sub Status filter is also provided.
  6. Generated Superbill showing User Time zone.
    The Superbill now displays the time based on user time zone.
  7. Listing order changed.
    The listing order is sorted with Guarantor name in ascending order for C3: Patient Statement Summary Report and C4: Generate Patient Pre-Collection Letter reports.
  8. Exclude a Chart from Auto Superbill Creation.
    Provided an option to exclude superbill creation for specific encounter sheets in EHR Admin.
  9. UB04 Charge Entry page Defaults.
    Defaulted “Attending Provider (Box 76)” in UB04 Charge Entry page when only one doctor exists in a practice. Removed the defaulting of Operating (Box 77) and Other (Box 78) provider.
  10. Progress note-10th visit Indicater.
    System generated EHR alerts are triggered on every 10th visit of a patient. This will alert the doctor to record Functional Limitation Reporting.

Part 2 : Bugs

  1. The compatibility issue of new UI theme with the I-pad is fixed.
  2. Voided Custom fee schedules are removed from the fee schedule drop down from case.
  3. Fixed the NPI Registry Link in the Provider master.