PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 17.9.4

Product Release Date: December 2016

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Part 1: New Features/Enhancements

  1. Online Reputation Management(ORM):
    Our unique ORM management dashboard puts you in control of all efforts on your behalf. Manage your customer satisfaction, physician ratings, and social media from one easy dashboard.

    To learn more about ORM please visit
  2. PSTS#/Batch# in the Charge Master and Summary Encounter Line Activity Report.
    For the ease of tracking charges PSTS#/Batch# has been added to Charge Master. A search filter is also provided in Summary Encounter Line Activity Report (I8).
  3. Remark field in “Mass Write – Off” screen.
    A Remark field is added in “Mass Write – Off” page to record activity note during posting.
  4. Auto Post Patient Payments by Payment Matching Criteria.
    Created a option to set “Auto Post Patient Payments” in billing option. When a line status is set to BILL_TO_PT, the system will automatically apply patient payments if on-account balance exist and based on the payment matching rule set in the option screen.
  5. Insurance Information in Patient Payment Posting Screen.
    Added insurance details in Payment posting screen.
  6. Enhancements in ERA
    • Print in ERA.
      The Print button in ERA screen now prints the page in EOB format.
    • The summary of Remark codes and description is displayed at the end of the ERA screen.
  7. Primary and Secondary Insurance details in Patient Statement.
    Patient statement can be customized to include Patient’s Primary and Secondary Insurance details in the PDF statement.
  8. Included Credit Card holders name in Patient Portal payment page.
  9. Allow decimal units in NDC units field.
    The system now allows decimal fields in UOM field to support dosage units for injection codes.
  10. Caps Lock notification against the password in the PS login page.
    The “Caps Lock On” indicator will display below the password field if the Caps lock is ON at the time of Password entry.
  11. Inter Office Message:
    Messages are ordered in descending order in Inter Office Message section so that the newer messages will show on top.
  12. Legal Entity option:
    For accounts with portal access, Practice can set whether to list a Legal Entity to accept appointment. This option is available under Legal Entity screen.
  13. Trizetto Integration for SFTP:
    PracticeSuite has connectivity with Trizetto to send Electronic Claims and receive ERA’s.
  14. Template Tag in EHR to display DOS, procedure codes and description.
    Added tag ‘#@Procedures#@’ in letter master and narration to populate DOS, procedure codes and description. Added additional tags like #@RENDERING_PROVIDER_NPI#@ AND #@Insurance_Co_Name#@.


  1. E3 – New Patient Report.
    Following Changes are made to the Report # E3 – New Patient Report.

    • Add MR#, DOB, Gender, Rendering provider to the report.
    • Change the label “Date Of First Contact” to “Date of Service”
    • Add total for amount column “New Charges” and “Remaining A/R”
    • Added filters for accounting date and DOS.
  2. I4 – Payment Deposit Report.
    Added “Payment Type” filters in search parameter.
  3. I8 – Summary – Encounter Line Activities Report.
    Added a checkbox to include voided lines.
  4. A1 – Appointment Schedule Report.
    Included ‘Appointment Reason’ in 2nd CSV file.
  5. B3 – Super bill Activity Report.
    Following enhancements are made in super bill PDF.

    • Diagnoses are grouped under the heading “DIAGNOSIS OR NATURE OF ILLNESS OR INJURY” similar to CMS 1500.
    • Included modifiers in the line details.
    • Included modifiers in the line details.
    • The field ordering in report is changed as follows.
      • Patient
      • PC Ref#
      • MR#
      • Appointment Date
      • Appointment Time
      • Legal Entity
      • Rendering Provider
      • Appointment Status
  6. C6 – Patient Details Report.
    Added “Last Appt. Provider” and “Last Appt. Legal Entity” to the report.

Part 2 : Bugs

  1. Copy Paste Functionality [Ctrl-C/Ctrl-X/Ctrl-V] for quick rescheduling/recurring issues in the Appt Scheduler is fixed.
  2. The provider off time when displayed in smaller screens and in I-Pad doesn’t align correctly. This is fixed.