PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 17.9.8

Product Release Date: February 2017

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Printed February 2017 at 37600 Central Court, Suite #260, Newark, CA 94560

Part 1: New Features/Enhancements


  1. Following enhancements are made in payment and posting screens.

    1. EOB attachment in Payment Entry page.
      New feature of attaching an EOB is added in Payment Entry page.
    2. View uploaded EOB in Payment Posting screen.
      For payments with EOB uploaded, a “View EOB” button is provided to view this payment posting. Users can specify the page number of the document while posting lines.
    3. Print EOB while printing claims.
      In Claim Workbench Page “Print EOB” check box is provide to include EOB when printing the claims.
    4. Link added to show specific portion of posted Manual EOB/ERA from CM Line activity.
      A link added in “Charge Master” Line activity area to print the specific page of the EOB/ERA of the posted payments.
  2. Following Enhancements are made in Xsuperbill.

    1. Validation added in Xsuperbill to check if the Insured address is blank (Address, City, Stage, Zip). The system will highlight those encounters.
    2. Added the following new filters in Xsuperbill
      • Service location
      • Line Status
      • EMC Receiver
      • Insurance Level
      • Patient
      • Case type
    3. A summary of count of different line status like NEW, HOLD, BILL_TO_PR, RE_BILL_TO_PR, BILL_TO_SE, RE_BILL_TO_SE, BILL_TO_TR, RE_BILL_TO_TR, BILL_TO_PT, BILL_TO_GR are show at the top.
    4. HOLD status is added in “Set Line Status To” combo.
  3. New filters in Claim Work bench-Print/Re-bill.

    Added “Interchange#” filters in Print/Re-bill screen and Claim Log report. Option to sort by Patient, Claim Date, and Insurance is also provided.

  4. Print button in Eligibility.

    A print button is added in Eligibility screen to print patient Eligibility details.

  5. Allows duplicate Procedure Code in Encounter Procedure.

    Encounter Procedure Master Screen allows duplicate billable codes with different modifiers.

Appointment Reminder

  1. Added a new tag for provider taxonomy description in Appointment Reminder letter template.


  1. Auto Save ERA.

    The system now fetches the ERA’s from clearing house and save it automatically. An option is provided in billing option “Auto Save ERA” to enable this.

  2. Assigning primary payer claim# in secondary claim.

    When posting a primary ERA, system automatically assigns the primary payer claim# in to Original Ref # in charge master screen.


  1. I6 – Summary – Encounter Line Activities
    Added Legal Entity column in Excel view.
  2. G1: Claims Detail Report
    Included the clearing house status in the PDF option.
  3. B2: Generate Patient Statement Report
    Sorting option is provided to sort the statements either with Guarantor or Patient.