PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 17.9.9

Product Release Date: May 2017

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Part 1 : Enhancements


  1. Enhancement in UB04 Charge Entry.
    1. Added “Line Sub status” in UB04 Charge Entry.
    2. Changed the “Box 78 – Other provider list” from provider master list to referring provider list.
  2. General Ledger (GL) for Professional Encounters.
    General Ledger (GL) is now configurable for Professional Encounters. Previously GL supports Institutional Encounters only.
  3. Active insurance warning in posting.
    In both Manual and ERA Posting screen, a warning is displayed if an active secondary/tertiary insurance exists for the patient but not assigned to the respective case.
  4. Line Activity update in Charge Master.
    In Charge Master, Line Activity is logged when POS, Rendering Provider, Diagnosis codes and Claim types are modified.


  1. Quick Link for Payment Edit in ERA.
    A link to edit payment is provided in ERA screen.
  2. When more than two provider balance (PLB) exists at the transaction (check) level it wasn’t displayed. This is fixed.

    Patient Statement

  1. Generate Pre-Collection letters multiple times to print different letters.
    System now allows Pre-Collection letters to be generated multiple times. Generated count is displayed in the list.


  1. C2: Generate Patient Statement Report.
    Added “Primary Insurance” filters in search option.
  2. K3: Patient care analysis report.
    The report name has been renamed to “Patient Clinical Analysis Report” with default parameter type – EHR.
  3. G1: Claims Detail Report.
    Added Insurance/Payer ID, Provider, Claim Status, Patient and Claim# fields to the report.
  4. D8: Provider Wise A/R Aging Report.
    Added “IN_COLLECTION” field to show in-collection details.
  5. D2 : Detailed – Insurance Aging Report.
    Provided a checkbox to exclude User Activity Information from the report.

Part 2 : Bugs

  1. Fixed the Scanner issue while uploading Images in document manager using Mozilla Firefox.