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Product Release Version: 18.0.0

Product Release Date: July 2017

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Part 1 : UI Enhancements

Ever Since we released our first “Flat User Interface (UI)” theme last year, our focus has been to bring greater improvements to the theme and to bring you feature rich user experience to other legacy screens while maintaining our unique design.

Here we have brought you a product that uses simplistic design for maximum efficiency.

We have highlighted some of the notable functional and UI changes below.

  1. Login Page

    Practicesuite users will see new login page that matches the new Flat UI Theme.

  2. Home Page

    The new Home page introduces Dark Grey Left Menu Panel with bright and larger icons which are simple to navigate. The center panel has white theme that is easy on eyes and has more room to accommodate functional pages.

  3. Practice Setup Wizard

    For the new practices that are setting up their accounts, we have an improved “Practice Setup Wizard” that will walk you through the setup pages to complete the setup.

  4. Patient Module

    1. Patient Search
      The new patient search has simple search filters with lot of room for display of search result. “More Filters” button is provided for advanced search options. The functional icons for Add patient, Merge, Mailing Address etc are placed to the top right. Tap “More Options Icon” to generate Patient specific labels, Demographics Sheet and Letter.
    2. Patient Add/Edit
      The field placement of the Patient Add/Edit screen is similar to the legacy UI except that the functional menu is placed on left side with colorful easy to identify flat icons for different modules.

      The “Financial Summary” is provided as a slider and can be launched by clicking on the slider button on the right side of the page.
    3. Tabs for Document, Schedule & Statement History and Ledger
      Easy to access and improved tab based navigation is provided for Patient Documents, Schedule History, Statement History and Ledger screens.

      • Documents
      • Schedule History
      • Statement History
      • Ledger
    4. Case
    5. Authorization
    6. Eligibility
    7. Guarantor
    8. Recalls/Alerts
    9. Enter Payment
    10. Notes
    11. Portal Access
    12. Other Attributes
  5. Master Module

    1. Practice/Legal Entity

      The left side grid panel shows Practice and list of all Legal Entities. The right side section displays the detailed form to view/edit the selected legal entity information.

      Practice Option screen

    2. Provider

      The left side grid panel displays the providers along with thumb nail profile picture. The detailed provider form can be viewed at the right pane for view/edit.

      The provider signature can be updated using the “Signature” button.

    3. Service Location
    4. Lookup Screen

      The Common Lookup and Billing Lookup screens:

    5. Fee Schedule

      Users can now setup their Standard and Custom Fee schedules from a single screen. Inline editing helps you to quickly update the fees against a procedure Code.

      Users can now easily create a custom fee schedule by importing values from an existing fee schedule.