PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 18.6.0
EHR Version: EHR-18.0.0

  Product Release Date: October 2018

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Part I – Enhancements

1. Authorization Desk:

We are introducing a new ‘Authorization Desk’ module to help users manage prior authorizations. Authorizations added in the system can be viewed and managed from this screen. To learn more about Prior-Authorization visit our website

This is an on-demand add-on module.

In addition, authorizations can be assigned to users from the desk. Users can also set-up reminders from the ‘Notification’ menu.

2. X-SuperBill:

The X-SuperBill screen has been revamped and upgraded to the new UI. Users have the option to switch to Classic UI

Here are some of the notable enhancements:

a)Encounter Search:

Expandable Search Filters.

b)Claim Modification:

Inline edits for simpler and easier claim modifications.


Improved performance and pagination.


Better display of Line and Claim level warnings/alerts are displayed.


Quicker access to Patient Info and Edit Charges screens.

3. Claims Workbench Changes:

    Some additional enhancements have been made to the Claims Workbench
    Switching between the tabs such as – Claims Dashboard, Claims History or Print/Rebill will refresh the claim status bucket & the counts.
    a. ‘Mark as Complete’ option to exclude claims manually from ‘Clearing House Rejects’, ‘Payer Rejects’ and ‘Pending Response’ buckets.
    b. “Include Worked” (Claims) filter to list any worked claims. Worked claims can be identified with a green tick mark. For a claim marked as Worked, the flag can be cleared by clicking on it.

4. Collection Manager Enhancements:

    Collection Manager upgraded to the new UI and with some minor enhancements.

    The following changes are made in the Collection Manager UI –

a. Color Code and New Fields:

    Additional fields made available in the Claim Info section. The fields show the claim age from DoS, First Follow-up and Last Follow-up date. Claims get color coded based on their age.

b. Collection Manager Report:

    Excel export includes additional fields and aligns with I8. Summary Encounter Line Activities Report and I9. Detailed Encounter Line Activities Report.

c. Category Listing:

    Status and Sub-status added to the category listing section.

d. Clinical Note:

    Clinical Notes can be accessed from Denial Workshop screen.

e. Document Management:

    Option to access Patient Documents.

f. Claim Status Hx:

    Shows Clearinghouse and Payer status response.

g. Claim Assignment:

    Users can assign claim(s) to a user and filter claims by user.

5. Eligibility UI:

    Eligibility response page has been made more intuitive with separate tabs to show Eligibility and Benefits information.

6. Fee Schedule Wizard:

    Users now can upload fee schedule(s) from the front end. The upload file must be in either excel or csv format.

7. Other enhancements/updates:

a. Guarantor:

    The system will show a warning when you attempt to add a minor as the Guarantor.

b. ERA:

    Enhancement in ERA matching logic to eliminate the recent reported matching issue.

c. Document Manager

    Rendering Provider selected in the Patient Info screen is defaulted as the Rendering Provider.

d. License #:

    Increased the field max length to accommodate larger numbers.

e. Aging Report:

    Legal Entity added to all aging reports.

f. Appointment Reminder:

    Menu renamed to ‘Notifications’.

g. View Previous Payments:

    ‘Include Fully Applied’ added to display Payments with the Status ‘FULLY APPLIED’.

Part II – Reports

1. I24 Invoice Reports:

    Primary Insurance filter added to the Invoice Reports.

2. I23 Financial Details by Service Location:

    Total Amount was not showing correct. This has been resolved

3. C2. Generate Patient Statement(s):

    Performance improvements in Statement Generation module.A new parameter added – ‘Exclude patient with Statement(s) sent in the last __ Days’.