PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 18.6.2
EHR Version: EHR-18.0.0

         Product Release Date: November 2018

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Part I – Enhancements

1. Referring Provider NPI

    NPI is shown on the Referring Provider field in Charge Master/Edit Charges screen.
    Image 1.1: Charge Master

    Image 1.2: Charge Entry

2. Authorization

    A warning message to alert users, if they attempt to add another authorization with the same auth#. This is to potentially prevent any inadvertent additions of duplicate authorizations.
    Image 2.1: New Authorization

3. Payment Entry – ERA Posting

    Payments in ‘NEW’ Status are now fully editable from the ERA screen.
    For ‘PARTIAL APPLIED’ payments, fields other than – accounting date, payment date and payment amount can now be edited from the ERA.
    Image 3.1: ERA with a ‘PARTIAL APPLIED’ status payment.

    Image 3.2: ERA with a ‘NEW’ status payment.

4. Payment Entry

    All fields are now editable for Payments in ‘NEW’ status. Previously, a few fields may become non-editable after payment creation.
    In addition, for payments falling in a closed month, now users can change the Payment Type, Payer and Pay Method.
    Image 4.1: Payment Entry

5. Rendering Provider and Legal Entity on Edit Charges Screen

    Separate fields for Legal Entity & Provider selection.
    Image 5.1: Charge Master

6. EDI Claims to populate Other Subscriber Address Information

    The Other Subscriber Address – 2330A.N3 & N4 will populate in the electronic claim. Clearinghouse/Payer new edits mandated this change for some payers.

7. HCT (Test Result) information in EDI Loop 2400 and Segment MEA

    Added missing HCT (Test Result) information in EDI Loop 2400 and Segment MEA.
    A Line Note (yellow notes icon on the procedure line) if added in the following format will populate the HCT (Test Result) in the electronic claim file:

<Measurement Reference Identification Code>:<Measurement Qualifier>:<Test Result>For e.g.


8. Batch Error Display

    Fixed the formatting issue in error response message.
    Image 8.1: Batch Error Response

9. Auto Case Creation with Custom Fee Schedule

    The Custom Fee Schedule will be defaulted on Manual or Auto Case creation for a Patient if the Insurance is mapped to the Fee Schedule.

Part II – Reports

1. A2. Appointment Worksheet Report

    Schedule note added to Appointment Worksheet Report.

2. I4. Payment Deposit Report

    Comments column added to Payment Deposit Report.

3. I24. Invoice Details Report

    Service Location name, address and amount would now be shown in the Invoice Details Report.

4. Eligibility Status Report

    Primary Insurance filter added to Eligibility Status Report.