PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 18.9.0
EHR Version: EHR-18.0.0

    Product Release Date: May 2019

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Part – I Enhancements

1. Inter Office Messages

    We have made some major upgrades in the Inter Office messaging feature. The following is the list of enhancements:
    1.1) Message Multiple Users: Now, users can send Inter Office Messages to multiple users. User(s) can be added in the CC field for additional users to receive a carbon copy of the message.
    1.2) Send Email Notification: “Send Email Notification” option can be checked by the sender to have the recipient notified by email when the new message is delivered to the recipient’s Inbox.
    1.3) Attach File: Users can now attach multiple files in a message.
    1.4) Mark as Read: “Mark as Read” option within the message to mark the message as read.
    1.5) Archive: Messages can also be archived using the Archive option within the message.

2. Scheduler UI

    Scheduler Popup links that were previously pointing to the Classic UI have been upgraded to point to the new UI. Links for Edit Patient, Schedule Hx, Eligibility, Ledger, Payment and others from now on will bring up the new screens.

3. ERA Payer matching logic

    Enhancement to the ERA Payer ID matching logic to use the claim Payer ID for matching to the correct payer instead of using the actual Payer ID presented in the ERA. As the Payer ID on the ERA may not be an exact match of that on the original submitted claim, this enhanced logic will prevent such payer matching discrepancies in the future.

Part – II Report Enhancements

1. I11: Adjustment Report Export to Excel

    Export to Excel option added to the report- I11: Adjustment Report.

2. I6: Posting Detail Report

    Adjustment Reason and Payor Remark fields have been added to the I6: Posting Detail Report.

3. C2: Generate Patient Statement CSV

    All text fields in the CSV converted to Camel Case. The statements system will also automatically remove any carriage returns if found in the text fields of the CSV.

4. A10: Eligibility Status Report

    Batch Eligibility report has a new tab added named – “Charges”. This provides users the ability to run eligibility for patients with charges either by using the charge creation or date of service parameter. The “Appointment Eligibility” tab can be used for running eligibility for patients with appointments.

Part III – Other Enhancements and Bug fixes:

Encounter Procedure:

    Slowness in loading codes on the Encounter Procedure screen has been resolved.

Payment Gateway Processing:

    Virtual Card Payments were being declined in certain situations by the Payment Gateway. This has been resolved. Also, the ZIP code verification for Insurance virtual card payments has been removed.
    Patient portal now supports processing of AMEX cards.