Provider off time is the absence of a provider in a practice. This could be an absence for a while during a day or a holiday break which can last for days. Such off-times could be saved in advance so as to block scheduling for the provider during those hours. Succeeding lines detail how to set up provider off times.

1.  From the main menu, click on the Scheduler.


2.  From the scheduler page, click on the additional menu icon and select “Setup Provider Off Time”.

3.  This opens up provider off time page which displays all provider off times that was previously setup.

Note: we can use the Provider and Date parameters on this page, to filter out off time specific to a provider or specific to a date range or both.

4.  In order to edit an off time, identify the off time from the list and click on edit icon  against it.

5.  In order to delete an off time, click on the delete icon  against the off time.

6.  To add a new Provider Off Time, click on the  button on top right of provider off time listing page.

7.  Clicking button opens up a new pop up page to setup provider off time.

8.  Select the Off Time Type as “Off Time” from the drop-down.

9.  Select the Provider for whom the off time has to be scheduled.

10.  Enter the date range in which this off time is active by providing the Start Date and End Date.

11.  Now enter the off time using the Start Time and End Time.

12.  Off Time Days’ option, helps to schedule off time for any specific days.

E.g.: if you need to setup off time for every Monday 10 AM to 11 PM for a specific date range. Set the Start time as 10:00 AM, End time as 11:00 AM and select only the Monday checkbox in the Off Time Days field.

If the Off time has to be set for all days in a week, select ALL check box against ‘Off Time Days’ field.

13. Enter other necessary information like Off Time Description, Emergency Contact Information, Relieving Provider Information.

14.  After providing all the information, click on Save to setup Provider Off Time.