1. To add a new patient, click on the Patients module, the Patient Search page will be displayed as shown below.


2. Click on the add_button button to open Patient Information page and enter all required details and click the Save to save the details.

3. Or Choose existing Patient to which employer is to be added in Edit mode.

4. Choose the Other Attributes page by clicking on the Other Attributes button


5. Other Attributes page is opened up.


6. Select the Referral Source from box under the Referrer Info section.

7. Select the Save button to save the changes.

How to add a new Referral Source to the list?
1. Select All Lookups from Advanced Setup main menu.


2. Click the add_icon_small to add new Referral Source.


3. Select the Type as REFERRAL_SOURCE.

4. Select User Editable, User Appendable as your need.

5. Select the Active check box to make this enable to use.

6. Enter the Code & Value for the new Referral Source to be added.

7. Click the Save button to add new referral source to the list.



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