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Part 1 : New Features

  • Billing Process Turn Around Report (l21)
    This new report is added under Charges & Payments Sections. It is useful for analytical purposes for the charges coming to PracticeSuite through any external interface system. It will calculate how many charges processed and passed through interface to PracticeSuite system and how many unprocessed, if any. This report will also count the ‘Turn Around Time’ for processing the charge from PracticeSuite system  once charges are received at x-superbill through the Interface.
  • Productivity By Referring Providers Report (Summary) [E6]
    This report will pull the summary of Referring provider productivity which includes patient wise Total number of Encounters, Total Charge, Total Payment, Total Adjustment and Outstanding Balance.Referring Provider Productivity
  • UB-04 Analysis Report
    A New report is added in the Institutional Claims report section under Financials which will provide a detailed list of claims including the number of days between the the statement date range.

Part 2 : Enhancements

  •   Refund Payments
    Users can now reverse refund payments. System now allow the users to reverse full amount to the original payment and the existing refund payment will be moved to VOID status automatically.
    Reverse Refund
  • Payment Entry
    The payment entry screen is integrated with payment gateway to accept credit card payments. For all patient payments  which needs to be collected from patient through credit card, the users can now enter the card information to process the payments from the payment entry screen. This option is available if the account is setup for payment gateway integration.
    credit card
    Once saved, the payment will be deducted from the credit card and the gateway transaction acknowledgment will be populated.
    Credit cArd Gateway

  • Claim Validation Rule
    • Now System will validate if the Initial Treatment Date is present when the payer is Medicare.
    • For UB-04 charge entry, the ICD-10 validations are made to validate based on Statement Date instead of Date of Service.
  • Diagnosis code Set
    While almost all Healthcare providers and physicians are moved to ICD-10, certain worker’s compensation practitioners are not required to switch to the new codes and wanted to bill in ICD-9. Now users can set the “Diagnosis Code Set” as ICD-9 to those insurances which require ICD-9 . The ICD-10 related validations will be suppressed for such payers.
  • ICD-10 in Authorization
    Added option to add ICD-10 diagnosis to Case and Authorization screens.
    Auth ICD 10 code
  • HCFA/CMS 1500 form Box#14
    • In the HCFA/CMS 1500 form, the Accident Date is populated in Box#14 instead of Box#15.
  • Superbill
    • Ability to enable/disable footers and option to add Fee/Modifier column are added to the Superbill setup screen.
    • The listing order of CPT codes is sorted based on line number. The same ordering is kept in x-superbill screen to make it consistent with Charge Master.
  • Collection Manager
    • Added insurance field in collection manager Denial Category Details section.
      Collection mnager Denials
  • EMR

    • Clinical Desktop:- Added Legal entity and provider filter in Ready for Exam tab. The patients listed in the ready for exam gets refreshed on tab switch.
    • All the ICD-9 lookup appear in certain level-2 are replaced with ICD-10 lookup.
    • To include previously recorded current medication in SOAP note without going to e-Prescribing tool, a new tag #@CURRENT_MEDICATION#@ is added.
  • Ledger
    • Included “Guarantor On-Account” in Patient Ledger screen.
  • Reports
    • Added Collection Status, Collection sub-status, Last follow up note and last follow-up date in the following reports.
      • Detailed – Insurance Aging report.
      • Summary – Encounter Line Activities Report.
    • I6. Posting Detail Report:  Added Accounting date in excel view.
    • I8. Summary – Encounter Line Activities Report: Added Referring provider in the report.
    • Added the following details in this CSV format of “Patient Detail Report“.
      • Guarantor Last Name,First Name, Address, City, State , Zip code, Guarantor DOB, Employer name.
      • Included provider code and Referring provider NPI in the report.
    • A1. Appointment Schedule Report: Added appointment type to the CSV format of the report.
    • B5. Authorization Tracking Report:  An option is provided to view the detailed version of this report.
    • I6. Posting Detail Report: Check date filter is added to this report.
    • Patient Detail Report : Added guarantor information in CSV format.
    • J21. Reimbursement Analysis by Payer(s) by Procedure(s) Report: Added Allowed Amount, Allowed Amount Count and Total.
    • Summary Encounter Line Activity Report & Patient Ledger will now  show all the 12 diagnosis codes.
    • Added CSV format for “Detailed Encounter Line Activity Report“. Included  Patient Name, DOB, MR#, PC Ref# and other financial data including payer remark and posting remark. Added Rendering provider and NPI as well.
    • Generate Patient Pre-collection Letter
      • Added CSV format for Detailed report that includes line level information as well.
      • Added the following filters.
        No Payment Received Since _____ Days.
        Statement Generated more Than _____ Times.
    • Modified the report E2. Patient By Insurance Co. Report to add patient address 2, city, state, zip, country in both JSP, Excel and PDF.
    • H5. Productivity 360°: A new tab with Payment details along with referring provider and patient is created.

Part 3 : Bugs

  • In Institutional Paper claims, the ICD qualifiers in Box#66 was not getting populated. This is fixed.
  • The browser screen freezes and become unresponsive when trying to add ICD-10 codes to the problem list on the face-sheet. This is fixed.
  • MU reminder doesn’t recognize certain ICD-10 codes. This is fixed.
  • Patient Care Analysis Report doesn’t return data for certain criteria’s. This is fixed.
  • When some special character exist in interoffice and patient communication messages it wasn’t displaying the message correctly. This is fixed.