PracticeSuite Release Note

Product Release Version: 17.8.0

Product Release Date: March 2016

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Printed March 2016 at 37600 Central Court Suite #260, Newark, CA 94560

Part 1: New Features

  • Eligibility Status Report (A10) & Batch Eligibility
    This new report is added under Scheduler Section. This report shows patient’s Eligibility details and can be downloaded in excel format. Patients can be searched based on appointment date range. A “Check Eligibility” button is provided in this screen to perform batch eligibility. The batch eligibility is available as an add-on feature.

Eligibility Status Report

  • Dashboard Reports.
    Three new reports are added under Dashboard section:

    • H8. Billed to Paid Lag Time.
    • H9. AR Management.
    • H10. Work Value Summary Report.
  • Bulk Reverse.
    A Bulk reverse button is provided in the payment listing page to do bulk payment reverse.

Part 2: Enhancements

  • Eligibility Authorization:
    Added service type combo in eligibility screen. Users can select different service types during eligibility checking.

Eligibility ServiceType

  • Collection Manager
    • Added “Ledger” link in Collection Manager. Included Federal Tax ID and Service Location.
    • Included COB checkbox and added a link to open the ERA from line activity.


  • EHR
    • Rendering providers can now re-open  the completed charts from Visit Hx screen.
    • Select all check box is provided in Level 2 – right.
  • Appointment Scheduler
    • Eligibility details are displayed on scheduler tooltip.
    • The appointment status list is ordered alphabetically.
  • Patient Master
    • Exclamation icons are provided for inactive insurances.
  • Billing
    • Added 12 Diagnosis codes in Case Setup page.
    • Authorization information is now available in UB04 screen.
    • The listing order of procedure codes is sorted based on line number. The same ordering is kept in Patient Account screen to make it consistent with Charge Master.
    • A new field ‘Visits Used (outside practice)’ is added in Authorization screen. This field is to record the visits used previously at the time of authorization entry.
    • System allows Mass write-off functionality in UB04 page.
    • Summary encounter line activity report includes UB04 lines as well.
    • EDI batch with errors are displayed in red color.
    • Patient Eligibility details are available in Charge Entry, Charge Master and Collection Manager Screens.
    • Lines which are in “IN_COLLECTION” status are included in ERA and Manual Posting screens.
    • When posting patient payments in Manual Posting screen, the paid amounts are auto populated.
    Following enhancements are made in various reports:

    • A7: Appointment – End of Day Reconciliation Sheet Report
      Primary Insurance and Secondary Insurance filters are added in search parameters. The secondary insurance field is added in the report.
    • C2. Generate Patient Statement
      This report is modified to show guarantor information selected in case screen. The system will default the last added guarantor if it is not selected in case.
      Added a field “Statement Generated Count” to filter statements that were generated multiple times.
    • C4. Generate Patient Pre-Collection Letter
      Added a check box “Exclude Patients with On Account“. Included guarantor information to this report.
    • C7. Patient Charges / Payments History Report
      This report is enhanced to show all the 12 diagnoses codes.
    • C10. Generate Patients In Collections List
      Added detailed CSV format for this report.
    • D2: Detailed Insurance Aging report
      Added the following fields- “Last User Activity Date”, “Last User Activity Note”, “Last User Activity by” and “Last Follow-Up User”
    • G1. Claims Detail Report
      Added links to open Patient Master and Charge Master.
    • G3. Collector Productivity Report
      Added two additional fields- DOB and MR#.
    • H2. Operational Dashboard (Drill Down)
      The report was slow for larger accounts and has been tuned to load faster.
    • I6: Posting Detail Report:
      Added “Allowed Amount” and “Units” in Excels, CSV and PDF formats.
    • I8: Summary Encounter Line Activities Report
      Added line level Rendering Provider filter to this report. Also excluded VOID Lines from the listing.
      Included PC Ref#, PR. INS. Group#, SE. INS. Group#, TR. INS. Group# in the PDF version.
      Users can download the report as per PCCN (Phoenix Children’s Care Network) CSV format.
    • I10. Procedure Productivity by Insurance Report
      Procedure count is added in this report.
    • K3. Patient Care Analysis Report
      The PDF view was made to align correctly.