Report Central constitutes collection of reports to assist in the medical billing RCM workflow management.  These are pre-defined individual reports with unique features and differences that help to analyze, evaluate and manage the practice (accounts). Each report in the report central maintains its Individuality serving its purpose.

Click on the Report central menu from the menu list to invoke report central.

When Invoked, a page with all the reports will be appeared as shown below.

Now appropriate reports can be selected to generate reports based on the requirements. All the reports have been categorized and listed with a number assigned to them. Below are the category lists.

A – Scheduler

B – Superbill

C – Patient

D – Aging

E – Listing

F – Security

G – Claims and Denials

H – Dashboard

I – Charges and payments

J – Financials

K – Clinical

Normally when a report invoked from report central, it will open in a new tab. If it is required to open in a new window, click on the  button to open the report in a new window

A regularly used report can be added to favorite report list clicking on the button and It will be available in the favorite report page for the immediate selection.