Click on Scheduler from the main menu


1. If you have multiple Legal Entities in the system, select the Legal Entity where the appointment needs to be scheduled
2. Select All Providers to view the scheduler for all the Providers for the selected legal Entity. To view the scheduler for a particular provider, select the Provider from the list
3. Click on the date on which the appointment needs to be created
4. Click on the time slot under a provider for which the appointment need to created. For example if you want to create an appointment for 8.30 AM for the Provider Morelock, click on the 8.30 am slot under Morelock.
Once clicked on the time slot on the scheduler, Patient Information screen opens in a new window

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Under Name & Other Information

5. Click on “Click to Add New Patient” check box
6. Enter Patient Name
7. Select Gender
8. Enter patient’s Phone number
9. Select an Account Type
Other details like Email, DOB can be entered from patient demographics once the patient is added to the system

Under Scheduling Options

10. Select the appointment reason. Other fields in this section are auto populated and can be changed if required
Click on Save after entering all the required fields.

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