Schedule History shows all the appointments of the patient to date. To view the Schedule History for any patient, follow the below-given steps.

1. Choose the Patient module from the main menu. See Image 1.

2. Select the patient from the Patient Search page by typing in his/her First Name, Last Name, MR# or PC Ref# to open up the Patient Demographics page.

Image 2

3. Click on the Schedule History option (highlighted in Image 2) to view a history of the visit schedule for the patient. The Schedule History (Image 3) gives details like the Provider, Legal Entity, Date, Start Time, End Time, Status and Reason of all the previous appointments.

Image 3

Status: The various statuses of an appointment are CHECKED IN, CHECKED OUT, CANCELLED, CONFIRMED, MISSED, HOSPITAL CARE, WAITLISTED. These statuses are provided by the system at the initial start. The status column is color-coded according to the status of the appointment.