1. From the Compose Rx window, click on the Take complete Rx to review page tab button to take this prescription to the Review Rx page.


2. The Review Rx page appears with the order listed, you have the choice here to print, fax or email or combination of all to process the order.

3. Clicking the Transmit RX button will transmit the Rx request to the patient’s preferred pharmacy which is listed on the review page or you can search any other relevant pharmacy.
To search for any other relevant pharmacy, simply click the Transmit Rx button, the Transmit Rx page will appear as shown below.

4. Click on the pharmacy to which the Rx request is to be sent from the Pharmacy List, the selected pharmacy will be immediately displayed above the list. You can also add other relevant pharmacies to this list by clicking the Add Pharmacy button

5. Click the Transmit Rx/Add to Record button to transmit the Rx request to the selected pharmacy. You can take a print out of the receipt if required.