Appointment Reminder Setup

1) Select the menu Appt. Reminders from the Advanced Setup module.

2) Configure the details in the E-Mail & SMS tab under the Appointment Reminder Configuration page to send the E-Mail & SMS Alerts to the patient.


a) Auth Mail: Mail ID from which the Alert is to be sent.
b) Auth Password: Password of the Auth Mail.
c) Mail Host: Host address of the Auth Mail.
d) Pre-loaded Message: Gives the list of letters with Group Code ‘APPOINTMENT-REMINDER’. The selected letter is attached with the alert sent to the patient.
e) Send: The alert should be sent, to the patient prior to the selected Days/Hours before the scheduled appointment.
f) Subject: Subject of the alert message sent to the patient.
g) Message: Alert Message that is to be sent to the patient.

How to setup Type of Reminder Send to Patient

1. Add the contact information of the patient from the patient master.


2. Now select the means by which the appointment alert is to be sent from the Appointment alert page under patient master. A Carrier should be selected in case of selecting home, cell & work phones.


NB: Carries should be added under lookup type “PHONE_CARRIER” from ALL LOOKUPS. Value of the lookup should be the carrier name and code should be the carrier URL to which phone # to be attached.

The system will start sending alerts to the patient from the next valid login to this account.