Holidays applicable to the practice can be saved in the system so as to block the scheduling of appointments for those days. See the below steps for setting up holidays.

1. From the main menu select the Scheduler module.

2. Click on the  icon and select Setup Holiday option from the drop-down.

3. List of all saved holidays and breaks in the system is displayed. Click on the  button to open the Break Information screen.

On clicking button, the following screen is displayed.

4. From the list, select the Legal entity for which this holiday is applicable.

5. From the Break Type drop-down, select Holiday.

6. Enter a Brief Description of the break.

7. Select the holiday Start Date and End Date. If holiday is a single day, the Start Date and End Date should be the same.

8. Click on Save. Click on the refresh button provided at the top of the scheduler screen if the change is not reflected in the scheduler. For the break description details given in the above screenshot, the holiday for the practice will be displayed in the scheduler as shown below.