To set a Product Billing category, we would add it as a Procedure code.

A new CPT can be added from a standard fee schedule. Navigate to the Fee Schedule option from the menu in the Setup module. Provided below is the method to add a new CPT to a Standard Fee Schedule.

1. To open the Fee Schedule, go to the Setup menu and choose Fee Schedule. The Fee Schedule window opens up.

2. Click on the  button from the Fee Schedule window to add New CPT to the standard Fee Schedule. Selecting the Add CPT button will bring up a new window where New CPT information can be furnished.

3. Enter the specific Product name or a generalized code such as ‘PRDCT’ on the Billable Code field. Enter the Description and the charge amount in the respective fields.

4. A particular line status can default for this code every time it is selected during charge posting. This can be achieved by making the required line status selection on the Default Line Status field.

5. After entering the required information, hit the Save button to add the code.