The Secondary ID is populated in Box 24J and Box 33b on a paper claim and the corresponding loop and segments on an electronic claim.

To add Secondary ID, select the required provider from the Provider list.

Image 1

Clicking on the Setup Secondary ID button placed towards the top right side of the provider screen will bring up the Setup Secondary Insurance ID screen in a new window.

Image 2

Now click on the Add Insurance  button as highlighted in the above screenshot.

On the Insurance Accepted by Provider screen that follows, enter the insurance company name, the Secondary ID/ PIN (in all three fields: PIN, Group ID, and Secondary ID) and also select the relevant Secondary ID type.

For example: If the PIN you’re entering is a BCBS ID, select the type as Blue Shield ID; if PIN is a Commercial ID, choose Provider Commercial Number from the ID type list.

Image 3

Click on the Save button upon entering all the required fields.

Note: For each provider, the insurance-specific Secondary ID would need to be set up separately.