The Appointment Scheduler window displays all the scheduled appointments. You can also add new appointments from this window.

To view the Appointment Scheduler window, click on the Scheduler module from the main menu.

  Using the Appointment Scheduler, you can view all the appointments for the selected Provider. You can also view the schedule for the previous day and the next day and also for the entire week. There is also an option to search for Appointments Patient-wise using the Search button.
  Click on any date on the Calendar to view the schedule for the particular date. To go to any month or year, use the < Previous and Next > buttons or hold down the buttons to view the month or year menu.
  The color Legend of the scheduler helps to easily identify the status of each appointment. Each Schedule status is represented by a color which can be configured to your liking by clicking on it.
  The name of the Provider will be given on top of the scheduler.
  The names of the patients who have scheduled Appointments will be displayed according to the time slot selected. The color schemes show the status of the appointment.
  Move the mouse over the name of a patient to view a small pop up. This pop up gives you the following options.

EA:-Click on this option to check Eligibility Authorization online.

Check In/ Check Out:- Click on this option to change the status of the patient to Check In or Check Out.

Payment:-Click on this option to go to the Payment Entry window.

Ledger:-Click this option to view the Patient Account Ledger.

Scheduler History:-Click this option to view the Scheduler history for this patient.

Cancel Appt:-Click this option to cancel this appointment.