To generate Patient Statements, go to Report Central and choose Generate patient Statement(s) under Patient section.

Enter the required parameters and click on Generate. If the patient has not made a payment after sending payments, then a pre-collection letter can be sent.

For generating Pre-collection Letter, go to Report Central from main menu and choose Generate Patient Pre-Collection Letter under Patient section.

Generating pre-collection letter will change the Line Sub Status of the claim to PRE_COLLECTION after which statements cannot be generated for that particular charge/ claim.

To view the list of claims in pre-collection status, go to Report Central and choose either Patient Statement Summary Report under Patient or Summary – Encounter Line Activities Report under Charges and Payments.

Patients who does not respond even after the pre-collection letter, can be moved to collections. To move claims to collections, go to Report Central and choose Generate Patients in Collections List under Patients section.

This report will include all claims with line sub status PRE_COLLECTION. There is an option to generate the collection letter or export the file in a CSV format and send it to collection company.

To list the claims/ patients moved to collections, run Patient Collection Report under Patients from Report Central.