Letters are setup from the Letter Master, which contains many customizable letter templates. You can add new letters or edit and customize existing ones to suit your needs.

1. Select Master Setup module from the menu on the left. Click on the Letter Master to open the Custom Letter Templates page as shown below.


Letters with pre-built content are already available in the Letter Master. You can customize these letters or add new letters to suit your needs.

2. To edit a  Letter, click in the Letter Name box and choose any letter from the list. The letter format will appear as shown below, with editable content and  dynamic Letter Tags which input information from your Practice.


3. To add a new Letter, follow the steps given below:-

(i) Click on the Add button and type the name of the new letter for e.g.”REFERRAL” in the Letter Name box.

(ii) Group Code is to enter specific codes which handle where to pull this letter(like PATIENT_ENCOUNTER_FORMS,PRE-COLLECTION etc)

(iii) Now type the Content of the Letter in the area below.

(vi) To generate dynamic data specific for the patient user the tags available in the Tag combo box.

(v) Type any other content that you want to include in the letter and click the Save button to save this letter format.

The letter will be added to the Letter Name list.


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