Every appointment requires a case. A case can be created or assigned either from Scheduler, or while entering charges, or from patient demographics. This article explains the way to assign/create a case from the scheduler.

1. To view the Appointment Scheduler window, click the Scheduler module. The Appointment Scheduler window will be displayed as in Image 1.

Image 1

2. Click on the patient’s name to open the Schedule page.

Image 2

3. Click on the Case box to view the list of present cases for the patient. Select a case from the list as appropriate. The case gets assigned to the appointment.

4. If none of the cases are suitable for the current visit, add a new case by clicking the Button to open the Case window.

Image 3

5. Click on button. Enter all the necessary details and click on Save.

6. For detailed information on how to add a new case, click here.