Claim history gives a view of all submitted claims. Claims are ordered in the descending order of the claim date. Follow the below-given steps to access the Claim History page.

1. Select Charges from the main menu and click on Submit Claims.

2. In the Submit claims page that opens up, click on the Claim History tab. Image 1 opens up.

Image 1

3. To filter the report, provide adequate search parameters given on top. Click on the ‘More Filters’ button to view more search parameters. Select Claim Date Range, DOS Range, Claim Batch Type, Legal Entity, Insurance Level, Claims Receiver, etc. to filter the claims.

4. Click on the Search button to generate the filtered list, as in Image 2.

Image 2

5. Additionally, a filter option is provided to filter claims by – payer, clearinghouse, patient, claim status code, and others. All the fields are available for filtering except for date fields, amounts, and number fields. Filter applied for status code with value ‘a1’ is illustrated in Image 3.

Image 3

6. You can also download the Claim Log Report into PDF or Excel format by clicking on the appropriate button.

– Click to generate the report in PDF format.

– Click to create the report in Excel format.

7. Table 1 explains the columns in the claim history report.

Column Description
Claim Date  The date on which the claim was generated
Insurance  Name of the Insurance
Level P-Primary


Claim# System-generated unique number for the claim
Batch # The unique number of the batch in which the claim was sent
Patient Name of the patient in the claim
MR# MR# of the patient
INS# Member ID provided by the insurance for the subscriber
Last Line Activity Date The date of the previous line activity in the claim
Last Activity Describes the previous action that was done on the claim
DOB Date of Birth of the patient
DOS Date of Service provided in the claim
Amount Billed Amount in the claim
Previous Claim# Claim# of the preceding claim that was sent for the same encounter
Claim status

Internal-status of the claim within the practice

Clearinghouse-status of the claim at the clearinghouse                               Code- Rejection Reason code

Payer -status at the payer’s end                                                                     Code-Rejection Reason code

Clearinghouse Response Response from the clearinghouse regarding the claim
Payer Response Response  from the payer regarding the claim
Encounter Claim Activity A log of previous claims that were sent on the same encounter
Worked Indicates the claim has been worked on.

Table 1