To view the Collections Manager, click on Collections module from the menu. The Collection Manager will appear as shown below.Capture

Click on Search & all the claims which have been denied  will get listed in the Collection Manager as the Default Filter by is checked for Denials. Claims will be listed according to each denial category. 2-16-2015 6-38-20 AM

Click on Claims over payer response limit threshold in the filter by section and those claims which have not received any response within a given  time period (Insurance response Limit) will be displayed as No response with the Insurance category.
2-16-2015 6-40-47 AM

To view details of the Claims under any category click on the Category, the details of the claims under the category will be displayed in the area like below.
2-16-2015 6-45-45 AM

To work on a Denial or No Response claim; click on the MR# from the list to open the Denial Workshop screen as shown below 2-16-2015 6-51-47 AM

  • All the details required to work on a claim is provided on this page. On the top, the Patient Information area provides all the information related to Patient, Claim and Insurance.
  • The details of the lines are displayed below the Patient Details area.
  • On the left side, links are provided to open the pages related to Patient Demographics, Case, Insurance and Charge Master.
  • A History of the Line Activities, Denials and Comments is displayed in the middle. All activities performed on a line is displayed under the Line Activities tab.
  • Enter details related to the denial or follow up in the Notes area on the right.
  • You can set reminders to work on this denial again at a later time using the Remind me in options.
  • Enter the current status of the denial or follow up in the Status box, for e.g. if the issue has been resolved, set the Status as Resolved and Sub Status as Rebill. Otherwise if the issue is still pending, set the Status as Pending and choose the appropriate Sub Status.
  • Options are provided to Save or if required Re-Bill directly from this screen.
  • If we want to apply the same action with the same notes to all the claims in that category Selected, we can do that by clicking on the check Box ‘Apply to all Claims in this category’.


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