PracticeSuite introduces credit card payment functionality for portal enabled practices. Patients can view statements online and can pay their outstanding balances from the portal. The system will create a payment entry in the billing module. This option is available as an Add-On feature. Please contact Sales/Support for more details.

To do credit card payment from the patient portal, navigate towards Patient Portal. Click on the statements and it will bring all the patient statements generated for that patient.

Image 1

This page will list all the statements of the patient with the outstanding due amount & Pay Button.

Image 2

Click on the Pay button will bring up the page to enter the Credit card details.

Image 3

Once the payment is processed, the system creates a payment entry and will return the status along with the payment number as well as a transaction number for future references.

Important Note: Processing credit card payments in PracticeSuite requires signing up for PracticeSuite E-Payments. If you are not already enrolled in PracticeSuite E-Payments or are interested in learning more, please email

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