Charges can be put on hold in two ways. Unposted charges can be put on hold from the charge entry screen. Posted charges require charge master to put them on hold.

Hold Unposted Charges

1. To put unposted charges on hold from the Charge Entry screen, select the Charges module from the main menu and click on Enter Charges.

2. Select the required patient. Enter  Note/Comments for the charge, if needed, by clicking on the Notes highlighted in Image 1.

Image 1

3. Enter the required notes/comments. Refer to Image 2.

Image 2

4. Select HOLD from the list and click on Save.

Hold Posted Charges

1. To put posted charges on HOLD, go to Charges from the main menu and then click on Edit Charges.

2. On the Charge Master screen, pull up the patient and select the encounter (see Image 3).

Image 3

3. On the encounter line, select the Status as HOLD (see Image 4). To add any notes, click on and type in the required notes.

Image 4

4. Click on Save.