An encounter is a visit to a doctor for a particular case. To view details of an encounter:

1. Open the Case Charge Master and search for the required Patient. The Case details of the patient will be displayed in the Encounter list.

2. To view the Encounters for the selected patient click on the Case Details + tree icon.  The list of the encounters for the particular case will be displayed date wise.

cm_encounter list

3. Click on the date of service of the encounter to view the details of the Encounter.

tip 24x24To view the details of an Encounter, you have to click on the date of service of the Encounter. Clicking on the Case will only display the details of the Case Sheet, the encounter details will not be displayed

The Encounter details will be displayed as shown below.


There are basically two sections for each Encounter as shown in the image:
number01_32x32  Under Encounter, all details pertaining to the selected encounter will be displayed. If there are no encounters for the particular Case, you can add one using the Add Encounter tab. You can also edit details of the Encounter using the icons provided.

number02_32x32  Encounter Lines displays the different Procedures associated with an Encounter, the related diagnoses, the Charges and Total Amount and Status. You can change the status of a claim by clicking in the Status box




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