A claim can also be printed at the time of charge entry.

To begin, select the Charges module from the menu and choose Enter Charges.

Enter all the claim information.

Select BILL_TO_PR from the drop-down beside the Save button & the radio buttons for HCFA 1500 & CMS 1500 will get visible as shown below. Select HCFA 1500 to print the claim with the claim background and the CMS 1500 to print the claim without the claim background.

Check the required claim form button & hit Save. The claim will get pulled up on the screen as a PDF. Use the  icon of the PDF reader to print the form.

Remember, using this option would force the posted claim to be submitted to paper, even if it was set up to be submitted electronically (EDI). The claim would have to be rebilled to have it go electronically via the default submission method.