We can add ICD-10 through Charge Master screen also. To edit/enter charges from the charge master screen; Navigate to Main Menu.

  • Click on Edit Charges & charge master screen will open up
  • Enter the Patient name in the patient search field
  • Select the DOS
  • In the Encounter section, Select ICD-10
    CM ICD 10
  • Enter the ICD-10 codes and save the Encounter.
    After saving the Encounter section with the ICD-10 diagnosis codes, Change the line status as required and save the line. To ensure that the ICD-10 we are selecting is accurate, users can use ICD-10 look up tool Look up Tool also.
To add ICD-10  through ICD-10 look up tool, Please Follow ‘ICD-10 Lookup’


    1. editor

      Thanks for the query. Please make sure that your practice is setup with “Dual Mode” to get all the ICD features. Here is the step to enable this.
      Navigate to Main Menu & click on Practice under Setup. In the Practice setup screen, Click on set practice option tab on the bottom right corner & practice option screen will open up. In the ICD set up Mode drop down, select Dual Mode and from Drop down of GEM look up select ‘NO’ & click on SAVE.
      If you have any trouble setting this up, please do not hesitate to contact our support.

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