PracticeSuite is all set for the transition into ICD-10 Diagnosis codes which is going to be effective from October 1st 2015. We have designed the system in such a way that the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will be a cake walk for you.

ICD-10 lookup can be accessible from three Modules of PracticeSuite , i.e. Charge Entry, Charge Master & EHR.

How to use ICD-10 from Charge Entry Screen?

  • Go to Charge Entry screen
  • Select a patient or choose a patient from the appointment list
  • Select the case
  • In the Diagnosis section, select the ICD-10 radio button & enter the ICD 10 values manually
    ICD 10
  • The selected ICD-10 codes are highlighted in Blue colour and a green tick mark on the right to indicate the selected codes are valid, If not then the codes will high light in red colour to show that the code is not compatible.
    ICD 10 VALID
    We can also add the ICD-10 codes from the ICD-10 Lookup page also
    To add ICD-10  through ICD-10 look up tool, Please Follow ‘ICD-10 Lookup’


  1. Sylvia Redding

    I do not see this feature in PS. All I see is the option for a ICD10 lookup. This explanation looks like I can prompt the system to show ICD10 codes to select from similar to typing in abdominal pain now and getting the ICD9 prompts. However this is not happeing as I don’t see this option in the case or in charge entry.

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