Payments can be searched and various actions can be performed on them from the Payments Search screen of  PracticeSuite. The search screen can be used to view, edit, apply, refund, bulk reverse, print, and email the payments. The different search parameters and options available in the payment search screen are discussed below.

Select Payments from the main menu and then choose Enter/Edit Payment. This will bring up the Payments Search screen.

Search Filters in the Payment Search screen

Search Parameter Description
Payment Date/Acct. Date Select either payment date or accounting date and provide the date range
Check # Check number provided in the payment
Reference # If a reference number was provided at the time of payment entry, payment can be searched with this reference number.
Payment Type A drop-down with values CLAIM, COPAY, DEDUCTIBLE, etc.
Payer Entity A drop-down with values INSURANCE, PATIENT, GUARANTOR, ATTORNEY, etc.
Payer Name Provide either first name or last name. The system will show results where either the first name or the last name matches with the search string.
Payment # Payment number generated by the system
PSTS# PracticeSuite Ticketing System number
Payment Status A drop-down with values such as NEW, PARTIALLY APPLIED, FULLY APPLIED, CLOSED, VOID.

Table 1

Options/Links in the Payment Search screen

A typical payment search result screen with the search result is as shown in Image 1.

Image 1

a. The Applied Amount is a hyperlink that takes you to the Posting Detail Report of the corresponding payment.

b. For Insurances, the Payer ID can viewed on mouse-over of Payer Name field; see red-highlighted portion in Image 2. Other options are explained in Table 2.

Image 2

Actions Available in the Payment Search screen

Column Description
Opens the Payment entry screen to do the necessary edits
Prints a receipt for the payment
Refund the payment
Visible in case of FULLY APPLIED payments; opens the Payment entry screen in view mode(No editing is permitted)
Bulk Reverse
Apply the payment. This link directs you to the posting screen.
To send email to patient or guarantor. A disabled icon indicates that the email address of the patient or the guarantor is not entered.

Table 2