The referring provider details are important in billing and hence it is important to maintain an inventory of referring providers.

1. Select Advanced Setup from the main menu and click on Ref. Provider.

2. When Ref. Provider menu is invoked, a window appears to manipulate referring provider information.

Image 1

3. Click on the button to create a new referring provider.

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Note:  All fields marked with an asterisk(*) are mandatory. The fields are explained in Table 1.

Name and Address
  • Enter the Last Name and First name and Middle name of the Referring Physician in the relevant boxes.
  • A Provider Code is automatically created for the referring provider, if you want to change this, click in the box and enter the new code.
  • Choose Gender Male/Female.
  • Enter the Address, City, State, Zip Code, and Country details.
  • Enter the Work E-mail and Personal E-mail of the Referring Physician.
  • Enter the PhoneFax and Cell numbers.
Identity Information
  • To enter Taxonomy, click on the search button against the Taxonomy box and choose the correct Taxonomy from the list popping up.
  • Also enter Tax ID, NPI, UPIN and License number against the respective field. NPI number can be verified using the NPI registry option.
  • If the referring provider is a Medicare Participating physician, choose the Yes option.
  • Enter any notes, if required, in this area.

Table 1

Image 3

4. Click the Save button to save the referring provider details and it will be added to the referring provider list.