The reversal of payment happens in the following situations:

1. When an amount was mistakenly applied to a patient. The button is used in this situation.

2. When the payer intends to take back the amount paid with regard to a patient. The button is used in this situation.

The button reverses the applied amount with regard to a patient and reflects the corresponding increase in the parent payment. Reversal of the applied amount can be achieved through the Chargemaster screen.

From the main menu, click on Charges and then go to Edit Charges.

On the Edit Charges (Charge Master) screen, enter the Patient Name and click on the DOS from the right to reverse a payment.

Capture 1

Capture 2

  1. The button

To reverse payment for a line item, click on the clip0220 button corresponding to that line. The following screen pops up once the clip0221button is clicked.

Enter the Paid and Adjusted amount against the payment number that needs to be reversed.

Select an appropriate Status from the drop-down and click on Reverse. This reverses the applied amount to this encounter and reflects the increase in the parent payment.

Note: The button simply reverses the applied amount and would not refund the same to the payer. 

2. The button

The button reverses the payment as well as refunds the amount back to the payer. The following Refund screen opens upon clicking button.

In the Refund Option Section, select either To Payer or To an existing payment. Provide the necessary details and click on Save.