1. How effective is the Collection Manager in working an insurance AR?

Collection Manager is a revenue management tool and has an easy-to-work interface to review and work on your unpaid and denied insurance claims. Any unworked insurance claim that has a balance will be pulled into it.

2. Can we track Collection Manager activity from the Work Queue screen and vice versa?

Yes, we can. The Work Queue ‘Next Action’ screen has a Follow-Up Hx tab that displays the collection manager activity of the claim. Similarly, Collections Manager Denials Workshop has a tab named ‘Action Hx’ that will show the claim’s Work Queue actions.

3. Is it possible to add a new collection status and sub-status?

Yes, from the Advanced setup>All Lookups>Billing Lookups.

4. Is it possible to add a new Work Queue status and sub status?

Yes, in the same way as mentioned above.

5. Why are rank-based KPIs introduced in Work Queue?

Rank KPI Workqueue assigns a rank automatically to open insurance claims based on defined payer thresholds and the time left factor for prioritizing claim follow-up. To learn more about how claims are ranked, click here.

6. What are the advantages of the newly introduced Work Queue Assignments?

1. Clearly defined work allocation with time expiration based on the configured assignments.

2. Work automation: no human intervention is required for the daily provisioning of work.

This feature is currently implemented in the Work Queue and Collections Manager.

7. Is there an easy way to set the reminder days for claims in the Work Queue?

Yes. It is now possible to link each Work Queue sub-status with reminder days. Go to Advanced Setup>All Lookups>Billing Lookups>WORKQUEUE_SUBSTATUS. Click on a sub-status and provide a value in the ‘Reminder Days’ field. All claims (existing and upcoming) in the specified sub-status will have this value in the ‘Remind me in’ field. However, it will not impact existing claims in the specified sub-status. Once any work queue activity is performed on such claims, they will show or hide as per the reminder days set.

Also, users can override it from the Work Queue screen by providing another value in the ‘Remind me in’ field.

8. Are Collection Manager status and sub-statuses linked?

Yes. They are linked. Selecting a status will bring up a specific set of sub-statuses in Collection Manager. This link is present in the Work Queue as well.

9. What reports should I use to track collection activities?

To track collection activities, check the G3. Collector Productivity Report and G5. Collector Worklist Report from Report Central.

10. Can I work on my patient AR through Collection Manager? Are any patient-responsible lines seen in Collection Manager?

The collection Manager is for working insurance AR; this does not show patient AR