The unapplied payments for a patient can be found either from the Patient screen or from the Payment (Add/Edit Payment Entry) screen. To view patient payments from Add/Edit Payment Entry screen, go to Payments from the main menu and then click on Enter/Edit Payment.

On the Add/Edit Payment Entry screen that follows, select the Payer Entity as Patient and then enter the patient’s name in Payer Name field. Click Search to view the list.

To view the unapplied payment from Patient screen, click on Patient from the main menu. On the Patient Search screen that follows, use any of the search parameters to pull up the patient details.

On the search result, click on the patient’s name or on the MR# to go into patient demographics screen.

Now click on the Ledger Tab and then click on On-Account which will take you back to Add/Edit Payment Entry screen listing all the un-applied payments for the selected patient.