To create a Custom Fee Schedule (CFS), follow the below-given steps.

1. Select Setup module from the main menu and click on Fee Schedule. The Fee Schedule page opens up as shown in Image 1.

Image 1

2. Click on the  button (indicated by an arrow in Image1). The Custom Fee Schedule screen will appear as shown in Image 2.

Image 2

3. Update the following information before importing /adding CPT to the fee schedule

Name: Unique name to identify this new fee schedule.

Description: Description of this fee schedule.

Insurance: Select the insurances to be mapped with this CFS.

Self Pay: Check this checkbox if this is a self-pay fee schedule applicable only for Cash cases.

Service Location: Select the Service Location which has to be mapped to this CFS, if needed.

Active: Select this checkbox in order to activate this CFS.

5. There are 3 options to add CPT codes to this CFS:


This option can be used to add a CPT code to the Fee Schedule. On clicking this button, the system adds a new row on the CPT list where a specific CPT can be searched and updated to the CFS. See Image 3.

Image 3


This option is used to import CPT Information from an existing Fee Schedule. Select an existing fee schedule from the Import CPT from: drop-down, and click on the Import button to copy all CPT information from the selected fee schedule to the new one.


This option is used to import CPT Information from an excel (The excel file should be in a standard format as specified by PracticeSuite. To view the format, click on the Download a sample file link on the Import Excel page). Click on the Import Excel button, select and upload the excel file to import the CPT information to the fee schedule. Refer to Image 4.

Image 4

6. Click on after adding the CPT information to create a new fee schedule.