Payment is applied either using the existing Payment Entry or creating a new Payment Entry. Existing Payment Entry can be searched by Payment No., Payment Date, etc. Here it describes the procedure to apply the payment to an existing Payment Entry.

To Post Insurance Payments, expand the Payments menu and click on Enter/ Edit Payments.

On the Add/ Edit Payment screen, you can search for an existing payment using any of the parameters such as Payment No., Payment Date, PSTS# etc. The Payment Entry would be listed as shown in the image below.

To edit the payment, click on the  icon and the  Apply button to post it. Invoking the  icon opens up the Payment Posting screen where a patient can be selected to apply for payments.

On the posting screen, first, select the patient by entering the last name.

Clicking the Search button to the far right would list all the charges for the selected patient’s insurance.

Enter the Allowed, Paid & Adjustments. The balance will be auto-calculated by the system based on the Allowable and Payment entered. If a balance remains, you can choose to leave the balance to Patient (Bill to PT) or bill it to secondary (Bill to SE).

Click on the Post button to complete the payment posting.