From the Main Menu, select Charges and click on Edit charges to open the Edit charges page.

When the Edit charges page opens up, click on the patient field and enter either the patient name or MRN# to search patient. As you type the patient details, a list of patients appears as a drop-down list. Select the Patient.

To Post the charge to a new insurance, navigate to Case Details section in the Edit Charges screen.

Click on the  button to navigate to the case page and do the case switching to the new insurance.

Case Switching let you switch Date of Service (DOS) between the case. Hence it needs to identify the case to which the DOS should be switched.

For example; Below highlighted Case (1370-3620) has two DOS and it needs to be switched to the case (1370 – 3621)

In order that, Click on the case (1370 -3620) and invoke the Case Switch tab to make the DOS visible. Select the DOS that needs to be switched to the other case(1370 -3621).

Once it is selected, Click on the Switch To field select the other case (1370 -3621) and select the appropriate Case from the drop-down list.

Click on Switch Case button to switch the Case. Once the Switching process completed, Click on the Save button to save the changes.

After saving the changes, you can find the DOS which is switched under the other case.

Note: If there is only one case and there is no case to switch, then it needs to create a new case and complete the case switching. Please click on the link to know how to add or edit a case.

Once the case is saved, go back to Edit charges and verify the new insurance listed under the case information section in the edit charges.