Mass Write-Off screen

* Practice can write off payments for multiple patients in one go through the mass write-off screen. This is a very convenient way of writing off payments. They would otherwise have to be individually written off from the posting screen.

* The screen has a mouse hover for several fields, such as Case#, DOS, POS, SL, and insurance. In the case of insurance, primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance names are listed, and on mouse hover, the subscriber number of the patient for the insurance will be shown.

Steps for Mass write-offs

1. Select Payments from the main menu. Click on Mass write-off.

2. After providing appropriate search filters, click on the Search button to view the charges or the encounter lines.


A. Collection status and coll.sub status are multi-selection filters, and the procedure code filter can be searched with modifiers as well.

B. Users can filter HOLD lines exclusively by selecting HOLD from the line status filter.

Image 1

3. From the search result, select the required lines that need to be written off, as highlighted in Image 2.

Image 2

4. Once the charges or encounter lines are selected, the following fields are to be entered before processing. Select an appropriate Adjustment Reason (highlighted drop-down in Image 2).

Field Description
Adj. Amt. Enter an amount to write off the specified amount from the selected lines. The line status remain unchanged if an amount remains in the line after the write off.

If no amount is given in this field, the entire amount in the line is written off and line status will be WO_CLOSE

Adjustment Reason Select an adjustment reason from the drop-down
Accounting Date Acct. Date for mass write off is defaulted to the current date; however it can be changed to another date
Remark Provide remarks if any

5. Now click on the Process button to complete the Write-Off. 

To view the details of the encounter lines, click the    icon against the line.