Practice can mass write off payments through the Mass Write-Off screen. This is a very convenient way of writing off payments of all patients simultaneously. They would otherwise have to be individually written off from the Posting screen. Follow the below-given steps for mass write off.

1. Select Payments from the main menu. Click on Mass write off.

2. After selecting the appropriate parameters from the available options, click on the Search button to view charges or the Encounter Lines. The accounting date field can be used to write off charges using a specific accounting date.

Image 1

3. From the search result, select the required lines that need to be written off, as highlighted in Image 2.

Image 2

4. Once the charges/ encounter lines are selected, select an appropriate Adjustment Reason (highlighted drop-down in Image 2).

5. Now click on the Process button to complete the Write-Off. The line status of all the selected charges/ Encounter Lines will be now changed to WO_CLOSE.   

To view the details of the encounter lines, click the  icon against the line.