Provider Master

1. To access Provider Master, go to the Setup module from the main menu and click on Provider.

2. In order to add New Providers, you need to contact our sales team or support team.

3. Existing providers are listed on the left pane. Click on any provider on the left pane to edit them through the Provider Master Screen. Currently, the max length for the provider’s Last name, First name, and Middle name in the Provider Master is to 60, 35, and 30 characters respectively.

4. Taxonomy, Tax ID, NPI, DEA and license# can be entered in the Identity Information section. For security reasons, the NPI/DEA License number can only be edited by the administrator.

5. Export to Excel option is provided in the Provider Master screen (highlighted in the Image A). The excel file will have all the provider details. The excel file also includes fields for Start Date Effective, End Date Effective, Created By, Creation Date, Modified By, and Modification Date.

6. To assign a provider to multiple legal entities — LE drop-down is a multi-select drop-down; select the legal entity/ entities that are to be assigned to the selected provider from this drop-down. Click on Save.

Image A

7. Providers are listed in alphabetical order on the scheduler page. To change the provider display sequence, enter the Listing Order number in the Scheduler Option Section (see highlighted portion in Image B) and click on Save. For example, if you want this provider to be listed in the second column on the Appointment Scheduler, type 2 in this box and click on Save. If two or more providers are assigned the same ordering number, they are listed in alphabetical order.

Image B

8. Click on the Hide From Scheduler checkbox to hide the provider from showing up in the scheduler.